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Default Re: What Are You Listening To Now .... ?

Originally Posted by Psyychoward86 View Post
What's Golden- Jurassic 5

A good example of quality hip hop. No talk of sex, drugs, and vandalism. Just good music! . I like all kinds of music, hip hop/rap being one of those genres, but sometimes all the negative speech in some of those songs make me sick. If you agree with me, take a look at this song
J-5 is awesome! I first heard them back in high school and loved them ever since...Jayou and High Fidelity are probably my favorite songs. They grabbed my attention quick because they are great singers and rappers and they play their own instruments and aren't the typical "gangsta" rap.

If you like stuff like Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, De La Soul and OutKast you'll love Jurassic 5.

Listening to Electioneering by Radiohead right now.
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