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Default Re: Prayers Needed

Sorry for my tardiness in this thread. Thoughts and prayers as others have said.

At those times when I start to see the fragility of my own parents, I think of this thread and HTG's struggles. While they are both still relatively healthy, it is hard not to think of the inevitable.

I often think back to those times when I was a child, and that feeling I had knowing that my parents were looking out for me.... feeling sheltered and protected. I take some comfort in the thoughts that my parents have (or will have) that same feeling as I have to take care of them. Even if "by taking care of them," someday I must put them into a safer environment.

HTG, even in her present mental state, I am sure deep down your mother has that feeling. She knows you are taking care of her, by doing what is best for her, even if she can't express it.
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