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Originally Posted by OneForTheToe View Post
Sorry for my tardiness in this thread. Thoughts and prayers as others have said.

At those times when I start to see the fragility of my own parents, I think of this thread and HTG's struggles. While they are both still relatively healthy, it is hard not to think of the inevitable.

I often think back to those times when I was a child, and that feeling I had knowing that my parents were looking out for me.... feeling sheltered and protected. I take some comfort in the thoughts that my parents have (or will have) that same feeling as I have to take care of them. Even if "by taking care of them," someday I must put them into a safer environment.

HTG, even in her present mental state, I am sure deep down your mother has that feeling. She knows you are taking care of her, by doing what is best for her, even if she can't express it.
I think my Mom is pretty much at peace knowing that I did what I felt was best for her safety. She is MUCH better since her 30 day stay at the rehab facility where she got absolutely phenomenal physical, occupational and speech therapies - those people at Manor Care Whitehall did a superb job with her! Though she still has problems with her memory and is "out there" more often than not, she can actually walk very well with her walker (and even tries to take a stroll down the hall without her walker which is a - LOL!), is eating better and is getting out more to enjoy the many activities that ATRIA offers. The docs also took her off of the Haldol which has basically turned her into a zombie. We really thought for a while we were going to lose her and the turn-around has been short of miraculous! Mom will be 87 years old on June 5th and I want her to see her 97th birthday and beyond!

Again, thank you all so much for your prayers. I think the Good Lord heard every single one of them!

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