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Default Re: Surprising Mock

its not like he has ever put together an actual draft board or worked in an actual war room, or negotated and drawn up an actual contract for an actual draft pick.

i enjoy his mocks. id say other than the professional mock drafters such as kiper or mayock, he puts about as much time and research into it as anybody.

theyre fun too. he even includes trades (last year predicting patriots trading their #1 for a lb.- they traded down instead of up and a team trading up for d. harvey- it was the jags and not the lions).

i notice this year he is being scoffed at on the boards for suggesting seattle and jags will take the 1st two quarterbacks. however, last year i think he was the only one who had brian brohm going to the packers (even bumping him out of the 1st round for his final mock).

pat now has eugene monroe going #1. this is the same kid who bumped branden albert to the inside of the line in college. the same albert who pat chatred his meteoric clim up the draftboards on a weekly basis (much like he is now with gilbert).

anyways kirwan just spoke with 2 of the people who attended monroes pro day (probably scouts or position coach) and one of them told pat that they read his mock draft yesterday and everything he said about him was spot on correct.

pat never reveals his sources cause he knows lots of coaches, scouts and even gm's listen to his show and it could give someone a leg up on what their competition is thinking or doing.

but yeah, he always makes mistakes and should just give it up.
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