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Default Greetings from a native Seattlite

Hi guys! Well, we're going to the big dance! Here's to a good well-fought injury-free game, good beer and good football talk!

About me: I'm a Marine stationed on an Air Force base in Texas. I like wolfhounds, guns, and NFL football. I've been a fan of the Seahawks since before they were a team. (Literally. The Nordstrom family was awarded the franchise, and it was celebration city! Then they had the name-the-team contest and the pick-the-uniform contest... and I will be forever grateful that they didn't pick a color scheme anything like the Tampa Bay Bucs who came in that same year!) I've been waiting 30 years for this! (We had a good run in 83, 84, 86 & 88, but it wasn't the big dance.)

See ya on the board.
Semper Fi!
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