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Default Re: 'Burghers in exile

I was born when my parents lived on Squirrel Hill in the early 50s. We left the Burgh when I was 4 and I lived as a corporate brat in exile, and have since lived at 25 addresses all over the world.

I can't say I was a fan in the 50s and 60s but I remember my Dad and Grandfather were and so was the rest of the family. I remember the names Stauntner, Lipscomb, Dial, Lane, and Johnson were "household names".

The Pirates were on the front burner at our house in those days. Clemente was the family hero. I was in 1st grade during the 1960 series and the ONLY kid in the school that wasn't frothing at the mouth for the wankees. Sweet vindication came with that Mazeroski shot over the left field wall.

I started pulling for the Steelers in the early 70s and have been a loyal fan since. Thick or thin, that's my team. I'm actually rather disinterested in "sports" at this point, but still a rabid Steelers fan that appreciates there is a league so the Steelers have teams to play.

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