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Default Re: Steelers Scoreboard Clock

I have one on my desk at work

Clearing the alarm setting:
1. Push button C to enable the alarm function. A 1 will show in the temperature area
2 Push button B to clear the alarm time --:-- will show in the display
this unit has the capabilities of setting 3 alarm times in order to clear alarms A2 &
A3 repeat seats 1-2 before activating
3 Push button D to activate

Hope that helps, if you want the whole sheet of instructions shoot me a PM with your email and I'll send you a scan of it.
When I got this in Setember one of the idiots I work with thought it was funny that the hour is diplayed as the home (Steelers) score and the minutes are the vistors score. I dont know how many times I had to hear at 10:45 "Look your Steelers are getting beat 45-10!!"
who's laughing now b!tch
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. . . these types of fans are probably everywhere...just so happens that I run into it everytime I'm at Arrowhead.
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