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Default Re: Obama climate plan could cost $2 trillion

Originally Posted by fansince'76 View Post
Raise my utility bills to pay for my "tax cut," all the while giving domestic businesses with the wherewithal to do so even more incentive to move lock, stock and barrel overseas and take jobs that actually pay a living wage with them! Brilliant! Hope! Change!
Hmmm..wait a second now.

We got a $13 a week break. That's $672 a year. We'll say, for arguments sake, that the majority of households have two breadwinners. So that's $1344 a year in a middle class tax break. BUT the average utility bill will go UP $1800 a year.

So, in other words, with Obama's "Middle class tax cut", the average family actually LOSES $456 a year.

That's definitely change all right! But not the kind I can believe in.

We are SOOOO screwed
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