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Default Punisher War Zone

any reviews?

i finally saw it and thought it was one of the finest examples of gratuitous violence, bloodshed, and gunplay in quite a while.

it was a boarderline gore flick w/o the horror. im not sure i have seen so many heads explode like watermelons in a single movie.

im probably one of the few who liked the original dolph lundgren version. it was pretty much a b-movie that looked like it was scripted directly from a comic book. for that, i thought it stayed true as the punisher was one of the more underground series at the time.

i really liked the second one with james as the punisher. much higher budget, good acting, and a well developed character and plot. much more realistic than the comic book version. they almost did too good of a job humanizing frank castle.

this one was great. tons of shit happened that would never happen in "real life". it had more of that comic book feel with much better special effects and a higher buget. it had the entertainment value of the original m. keaton batman (still one of my favorite comic adaptions).

but this one had everything that drew me to the comic in the first place. lots of guns, lots of shooting, and lots of death. no super powers required.

i will own it and watch it often.
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