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Default Re: Obama climate plan could cost $2 trillion

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
Even if you said that in jest - that's a far stretch and just plain disgusting.

a "fair" shot, huh?

after 64 days?

were you expecting the "silver bullet" obama spoke of?

im pretty sure its a pretty safe bet that millions of sour grapers who honestly believe we are doomed to obama induced socialism would gladly trade his life and presidency to be led by mccain/palin.
Obama didn't even need 64 days to prove himself to be a farce. Pretty obvious when his own party started to turn on him in the infancy of his Presidency.

Though admittedly I would prefer McCain/Palin, Laurel & Hardy or even 2 of the 3 Stooges over this duo, I would never - ever - wish anything bad on Obama and/or Biden or anyone else for that matter.

Whether we are "doomed to Obama induced socialism" or not - Obama is sure off to the races in proving the points of those who do believe we are indeed "doomed" to this country adopting socialism, as I am beginning to believe.

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