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Default Re: Obama climate plan could cost $2 trillion

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
Even if you said that in jest - that's a far stretch and just plain disgusting.

a "fair" shot, huh?

after 64 days?

were you expecting the "silver bullet" obama spoke of?

im pretty sure its a pretty safe bet that millions of sour grapers who honestly believe we are doomed to obama induced socialism would gladly trade his life and presidency to be led by mccain/palin.
So you're saying that anyone who disagrees with Obama's stances on...well, damn near nothing more than "sour grapes" from the right wing? Really? Well then I guess I'm a "sour graper," because there hasn't been much Obama has done that I support.

Let me ask you this, then - do you believe that spending billions or trillions of dollars on "green projects," in this period of economic strife, is the right thing to do? With all of the spending that Obama is promising/promoting/signing into law, he likely is going to have a significant budget deficit, at least double what it is right now from what I've been reading. Do you not see that as a problem? And where is he going to get the money from? Fairy World? We've seen time and time again over the years the government dipping its finger into damn near everything, throwing trillions of dollars at perceived "problems," and ended up turning it into an even bigger mess than before. All you need to do is look at the bailouts to see a prime example of that. And yet, here's Obama endorsing more government spending and more government control, things that I and the other people you refer to as "right-wing sour grapers" do not want. More government control = socialism, and since Obama supports more government control, that means he supports socialism. Knowing what you know about government, do you REALLY want more power in their hands, spending our tax dollars on insignificant pork projects? At what point do you stand up and say "enough already?" It's time for the government to show some fiscal restraint. I mean, if the rest of America has to make do with less and live within a reasonable budget, why can't the government? I don't believe it's wrong to have that view.
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