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Default Congrats to grandma Sarah Palin!

i didnt realize she was a proud gramma already! i rely on my SF rib friends to keep me posted on such news especially when it concerns our next president.

so how are things going for the hillbillies of wasilla?

Yet just as the Draft Palin movement was having its first meeting, Levi Johnston, the father of Bristol Palin’s 2-month- old son, Tripp, was hosting his first solo interview outside his Wasilla home. Levi told the Associated Press that there will be no wedding after all and that the relationship ended “a while ago.”

[im thinking the "shotgun wedding" was cancelled the morning of nov. 4] -TH

Johnston was responding to inquiries about a Star magazine piece which quoted his sister complaining that Bristol makes it almost impossible for Levi to be the “hands-on dad” that Bristol had said he was. “She tells him he can’t take the baby to our house because she doesn’t want him around ‘white trash.’”
appearantly baby daddy gramma is considered "white trash" because she was busted dealing the hillbilly heroin i.e. oxycontin. i wonder if there were any connections to the allegations that palins son was also involved in the 'game" and forced into a "shotgun military enlistment".

We expect Jamie Lynn Spears to be shameless and Hollywood to romanticize teen pregnancy in movies like “Juno,” but the Palins and the Christian Right? Republican Senator John McCain claimed to know about the pregnancy when he selected Palin as his running mate. Bristol and Levi were treated like royalty, hugged by McCain on the tarmac and at center stage for every event, waving to the crowd like Evita and Juan Peron.

Bristol’s out-of-wedlock pregnancy ended up doing little, if anything, to hurt the Palin candidacy. Not one Republican delegate I questioned at the party’s national convention had a problem with it, as long as Palin’s daughter was marrying her boyfriend and not having an abortion.

This isn’t an argument for abortion, but one for reality -- drop abstinence only, make contraceptives available and consider adoption, relying on grandparents, or single parenting until the child herself grows up. Take a look at family values in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. Don’t be so quick to leap to wedding bells and happily ever after.

As Levi moves on, Bristol’s parents might someday be relieved that an unwanted pregnancy hasn’t been followed by an unworkable marriage. I’m guessing Levi, hardly the first to succumb to the chance to cash in, won’t resist remaining in view. Already, he has graciously made himself available to a tabloid, the AP and “Good Morning America.”

With any luck, he could be the next Joe the Plumber, reeling off half-baked opinions on the economy, taxes and foreign policy. After all, he lives in Alaska. On a clear day, he can see Russia and Fox News from his front porch.
the bold of this quote is serious.... as for the rest....

anyways congrats on your new family addition, sarah. im glad the evil liberal media didnt need this to defelect attention away from how horrible obama is supposedly doing in his first 60 days, and instead will sit on this (sure to be developing) story if and until sarah is actually relevant... again(?).

just think though....

if sarah and that old dude (what was his name again?) had been elected, all our economical turmoils woulda been forgotten as everybody (GOP voters) would be fixated on "People" magazines first publications of the "first vice grandchilds" baby photos.
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