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Default Re: Describe Pittsburgh, PA Folks For Me

I can give you an outsiders perspective because I've traveled to and through there frequently over the last 8 years.

The people vary depending on where you go. Many of the people in the outlying areas are extremely friendly though...but that may have been because I was in uniform at the time.

In the city, it depends on what area you're in. There are some parts of town that you just don't want to be around. The same could be said in every city though. a pain in the butt to try and travel during high traffic times. I'm a country I hate cities (and especially the traffic) to begin with. There's always somebody doing something stupid on the road to back EVERYBODY up...especially if there's a hint of something other than perfect weather. Again, this is true in nearly every city.

The city itself is most definitely chock-full of die-hard Steelers fans...and it really is a football town. Black and Gold pretty much garbs nearly everything there.

As for my hometown, I grew up in a small town, but currently reside just outside of Columbus (east end). Where I live is farm country (9 acres) and it's really quiet. I work just inside the "outer loop" (I-270) and it isnt' too bad. i avoid downtown like the plague and have shifted my work hours to avoid traffic as well (0630-1530). I'm a family man, so "the night life" for me is more about bonfires by the creek than clubbing and such.
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