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Default Re: Describe Pittsburgh, PA Folks For Me

Having lived in Pittsburgh most of my life, I can say that it is truly one of the most beautiful and livable cities anywhere. It isn't the dirty old steel mill town full of polluted air that a lot of folks who have never visited Pittsburgh seem to feel it is. Sure there are some areas in the city that aren't as accommodating or easy on the eyes as others, but all in all, it is truly beautiful and we have some awesome scenery! Pittsburghers in general are hard-working, friendly, light-hearted people who are proud to call Pittsburgh their home.

xfl - you are 100% right about the dahntahn 'Burgh traffic - it's a nightmare, as are the "Parkinglots East and West". Our roads aren't maintained as they should be - we aren't called the "pothole capital of the world" for nothin!

Sports franchises in Pittsburgh are worshipped, particularly the Steelers and now the Pens. The Pirates have their following too. Though Pittsburgh fans are notoriously hard on their teams and players, they love their athletes like they love their own families!

Last but not least, Pittsburghers LOVE their beer! We are known as the "beer drinking town with a football problem"!

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