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Default Re: Describe Pittsburgh, PA Folks For Me

When New Yorkers comment on how beautiful the city is, you know Pittsburgh is the real deal! Seriously, when the Yank-Mes were in town last year, a couple of their fans remarked on how beautiful the city is now that he'd seen it, all of the old architecture here that has been preserved and restored (HTG can confirm this), whereas in New York, according to them, they can't wait to tear them down. We don't raze buildings here unless absolutely necessary - we recycle them. They add to the overall charm of the city and shows off some of its rich history.

As far as the people go, for the most part we have a small-town air for a major metro area. The people are laid-back, friendly and hard-working, and the further you get away from the city itself, the more this holds true. And yes, we definitely love our beer, but not that recycled piss water called Iron City. That is one of the biggest myths about Pittsburgh - most people here drink Yuengling or Rolling Rock much more than Iron City.

As for the traffic around town, it's even worse now with all of the construction going on (Three PNC, the Big Money Pit II aka the North Shore Subway Connector, the new arena, casino, among others). If anyone's ever gone home after a Steelers, Pens or Buccos game, you know what I'm talking about.
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