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Default Re: Describe Pittsburgh, PA Folks For Me

One thing I have noticed about Pittsburgh is that the people are more southern then the other people from the Rust Belt cities. I spent a lot of time in Cleveland, Cincy and now live in Detroit. I also lived in Georgia and Florida when I was a kid…and my Parents currently live in Louisville.

The "Rust Belt" is Western PA, Ohio, Northern Indiana, Southern Michigan, and up to the Chicago area. People tend to keep to themselves, always in a hurry, lacking basic manners (saying thank you, or holding doors for people, driving etiquette, etc.). I think it has something to do with the hard, industrialized landscape and the harsh winters…it is definitely cultural.

Pittsburgh people tend to be more polite, in general, and much more laid back then other Rust Belt cities and people. Especially those from the Detroit area. The culture changes when I visit my parents in Louisville…the people there remind me more of Pittsburghers. More friendly and not so "in their own worlds".

Does any of this make sense?


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