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Default Re: Punisher War Zone

Originally Posted by xfl2001fan View Post
Tony, how does this one compare to the other Punisher (the one that came out a few years back?)

It seems like there is more action in the latest installment (at least based on what I've seen in the limited commercials.)
i would say thats about right. if youre into the old comics i would compare t. janes version with the "war journal" which was a bit more deep, cerebral, and developed and this latest one (and the d. lungren version) with the "war zone and original punisher, which are a bit more on the surface and gratuitous.

if youre not familiar with the comics, its like comparing the j. nicholson/ m. keaton batman to the newer "dark night " series. both are great.

sometimes you like a deep plot to work your brain (like "The Departed") and other times you just want pure entertainment and gratification (American Pie).

i like how the newest version accurately depicts how castle lost his family. the t. jane version works on you understanding and actually liking/sympathizing with the punisher.

the latest version doesnt really care but it does accurately depict how he does feel bad when he wastes an innocent person.

and while he doesnt actually kill as many people as the awesome scene in rambo ( ) there is a funny scene showing all the case files in NYPD that depict all the criminals he has "punished".
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