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Default Prayers for my wife-also any doctors in the house?

My wife has been complaining of body pains. She also has times when she is sleeping that she goes into sort of convultions. Her eyes are open but she is not coherant. I usually just prop her up(I'm afraid of her choking on her tounge) and say things to her trying to sooth her. This seems to bring her out of the convultion state (toke me a while to figure this out, at first I didn't know what the hell to do, and would just try to wake her my shaking her, even tried pouring water on her, none of these worked)

Andy doctor her that has any idea of what this could be? It is a pretty traumatic experience for me, however she never remembers these episodes. Regardless of how everyone thinks that the Chinese are so smart, their medical care is 50 years behind ours, they still prescribe herbs and all sorts of disgusting tasting tea, which I have tried for some ailments but never worked for me
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