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Default Re: Prayers for my wife-also any doctors in the house?

Epileptic seizures?

I had a roommate in NC that had these, and I had never had to deal with it before I met her. It was very scary. The first time she had one, I had no idea what to do either. Usually the main thing is, we just turned her on her side (to avoid tongue choking) and tried to calm her down. But we didn't really hold her down, like if the convulsions were too bad, holding her down would have been more detrimental to her, because with the way the convulsions happened and the extremities shaking, her bones could be broken during the convulsions by holding her down. We don't really know what caused hers, but sometimes they were really bad. I'm definitely not a doctor, but from what you said, it's something to look into.

I'll keep y'all in my prayers :-)
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