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Default Re: Describe Pittsburgh, PA Folks For Me

Originally Posted by Hammer67 View Post
One thing I have noticed about Pittsburgh is that the people are more southern then the other people from the Rust Belt cities. I spent a lot of time in Cleveland, Cincy and now live in Detroit. I also lived in Georgia and Florida when I was a kid…and my Parents currently live in Louisville.

The "Rust Belt" is Western PA, Ohio, Northern Indiana, Southern Michigan, and up to the Chicago area. People tend to keep to themselves, always in a hurry, lacking basic manners (saying thank you, or holding doors for people, driving etiquette, etc.). I think it has something to do with the hard, industrialized landscape and the harsh winters…it is definitely cultural.

Pittsburgh people tend to be more polite, in general, and much more laid back then other Rust Belt cities and people. Especially those from the Detroit area. The culture changes when I visit my parents in Louisville…the people there remind me more of Pittsburghers. More friendly and not so "in their own worlds".

Does any of this make sense?

Absolutely it makes sense. I've always felt that people (in general) where as "warm" as the weather they grew up in. My mom was raised near USC before moving to OH (after Grandpa retired from the Navy) so she raised us to be more open/friendly. I get lots of funny looks, because the instant I hear someone say "Hi", I return it, whether they're talking to me or not. Most of my friends are used to it by they just roll with it...but for a perfect stranger who grew up in northern OH...not so much.

Now, I live so far out in the country, that I can't see my neighbors houses through the trees (except in the dead of winter.) It's nice and quiet...but that also lends itself to livnig "in my own world." I've met my neighbors and all, but most are signifcantly older than my wife and I (retired) and aren't typically around through the winter anyways. I know the old couple on the North side of our property are really nice....I help Jerry work on his lawn mower when it needs fixed (sharpen the blades and such). My wife trades recipes with his wife (her name ALWAYS escapes me...) when they return from Florida (which should be in the next week or so) to start the spring cleaning process...and plan for the gardening/canning season.
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