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Default Re: Prayers for my wife-also any doctors in the house?

Wow, sorry brother! You certainly have my prayers for your wife. As other's have stated, it sounds like a seizure...and though there isn't a lot of shaking going on, it doesn't mean she's not having them...they just might be too mild for the shaking.

I'm talking to my wife (EMT/STNA) and she says it sounds like Petit-mal seizures. She says that they typically occur with young-people, though she's seen it happen to people of all ages (to include herself after giving birth to our children.)

If possible, I would find a hospital that is willing to give her a sleep study. She should probably get a CT scan as well (again, if possible.)

If you read through the link below, you'll see that the symptons are extremely various...the early portion doesn't necessarily describe what you've described, but if you read down, you'll recognize some of the symptons you've desribed...and possibly a few other things you may have overlooked without realizing it.
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