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Default Re: The Official Bash/Question/Make fun of Democrats/Government/Obama Thread

I don't care about the Special Olympics joke. I thought it was kind of funny and cool to see a non-PC comment from a liberal.

What galls me is the fact that it was kind ran for a day and forgotten.

Now if BUSH would have made that comment? Are you effing kidding me? It wuld have been the headline of every paper for two days. The breaking story on every news channel but Fox and PBS. Olbermann would have ranted on his show, all show, every show, for weeks. Michael Moore would have made another movie about it. The Special Olympics would have held giant protests marching on the White House. Nancy Pelosi would have had GWB burned in effigy in San Francisco. There would have been 17 different threads started about it here.

But it was the Chosen One, so he was allowed to apologize and all is forgiven.

THAT is what bothers me...the gigantic and glaring double standard.
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