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Default Re: Drug Tests for Welfare Checks

Originally Posted by PisnNapalm View Post
I dunno.... Seems to me that the cost of testing everyone would outweigh any savings by booting some off welfare.

I just don't know...
You could test everyone intially (to clear the system) and then do random tests from there. Like a 10% every quarter. You would only get 40% done throughout the year...but once you pop hot, you're out. If you pop hot, you go to court for taking illegal substances and get fined. The fine, plus court costs, plus testing costs should help add a surplus.

If you have popped hot in the past, you need to pay for your own drug test in order to get back in, show up clean (on your own dime) for 6 consecutive months and then you are subject to the same 10% random tests from then on. A second hot charge (if it's unjustifiable) means you are disqualified for life.
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