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Default Re: Drug Tests for Welfare Checks

If those serving in active duty military have to do it, then so should those sucking on the teet (not to be confused with those who temporarily use it as it's intended during hard times)!!!!

Anyone see that new commercial? The one that shows a woman on a back road with her car broken down looking scared and worried with her voice sounded over saying, "My car broke down one day on my way to pick up my children from daycare. I was stranded with no way to call for help."

It was for cell phones for those on Welfare! They call it "safelink".

You and I will now start paying for the luxury of cell phones for those using the system erroneously! I have a MASSIVE problem with that!

A drug test is the least they should do to prove their not just junkies out living off of yours and my hard earned money we have to pay into taxes to support them!

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