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Default Re: The Official Bash/Question/Make fun of Democrats/Government/Obama Thread

Originally Posted by Dino 6 Rings View Post
Recanted his statement AFTER he realized he was off script and said something that was Highly Offensive, especially when he was supposed to be bringing about Hope and Change. I mean, really, what's in this man's heart that he thinkis its Funny to pick on the Special Olympics?

I would take more offense at McCain calling Obama a "decent human being" as opposed to calling him an Arab. Decent Human Beings don't think its ok to let babies that survive abortions to be put in broom closets to die a slow agonizing death. Obama thinks that's an ok thing to allow. Check his record. Its undeniable.

Michelle Obama also thinks its ok to send Poor people away from her hospital to clinics and refuse them treatment at the door because they don't have insurance and her hospital couldn't make a profit treating them. Also, Well Documented.

So don't try to sell me on the Slip of the Tongue crap or that he "didn't mean it" Yes, he did mean it. He is hateful and not really a good character person at all. It comes out every single time he opens his big fat mouth without reading from a Teleprompter. Its becoming more and more obvious that the shine is coming off this fool and what is underneath is a rusty pile of carefully hidden character flaws.

But go ahead and keep defending him. Just don't look at your 401 K too often, and start investing into that new global currency him and his folks are thinking about getting behind.
Wow, I argue that everyone is prone to making mistakes and suddenly it sounds like I'm advocating partial birth and hospital insensitivity. I don't want to get into nasty arguments with people I like. I'm getting off here.
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