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Default Re: What STEELERS Player Jerseys Do You Own And Wear?

Originally Posted by smokin3000gt View Post

How can you tell if it's the real deal or not (besides price)?
One good way is to look at the stiching and the way the tags are attached to the label on the neck. The plastic cord should go all the way through the label from left to right without going through the actual material. Do a search for "How to spot a fake jersey".
Also on a similar note..... I looked at a Authentic Real jersey, the ones that run around $285 in a local sports shop and I noticed that it was a few years old. The NFL went to a new shield design in April 2008. The pervious version had gone unchanged since 1980. The Authentic jerseys in this shop had the older shield. The shield now has 8 stars (4 on each side) the earlier shields had many many more. I asked the salesman if he would give me a discount since it was the old version and he would not budge at all.

Some people might not care about the small details, but if you do, I hope this helps.

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