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Default Re: Congrats to grandma Sarah Palin!

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post

and of course i really dont think you are a racist. i think it was pretty much clear that i said that tongue in cheek to illustrate a point about blanket statements, generalizations, and being painted with a broad brush.

i find it funny how everyone is allowed to "disagree" with hillarys or baracks political stance. yet if anyone around here vehemently disagrees with palin (and those she represents), they are painted as some sort of monster.

i am free to dislike her w/o any preconcieved notions just like anyone is allowed to dislike clinton/obama. i am free to base my vote on that dislike....

or not. i simply dont view her as a strong, smart woman. i view her as an opportunist who wrecked a decent candidates chance at the presidency.

and contrary to what revs believes, i am free to talk about/ question/ make fun of the republicans who LOST the white house REGARDLESS his obama dissent.

i love it how political armchair qb's (who think they more qualified to run this nation) constantly and hypocritically chastize the armchair, monday morning qb, fans who think they are qualified to tell the steelers how to run the team.
I don't like Sarah Palin either, for a whole host of reasons, and I've made that known. I think it would be a HUGE mistake if the Republicans trumpet her as their next Presidential candidate. But I'm not going to bash her and certainly not her kid just to make a point.
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