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Default Re: Congrats to grandma Sarah Palin!

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post

whats a matter revs? i thought you loved talking about hypocrites. i guess only when its not the ones you support.
I didn't care for Palin much, but that is completely irrelevent to my position,and, more importantly, just completely irrelevent. SHE is completely irrelevent. What I'm CLEARLY stating here is that (and it's not just you) the supporters of Obama really have little to no defense for his bungling of things so far, so they rely far too heavily on what "worked" from 2000-2008, which is just attack the right.

That doesn't wash.

Just as the right was forced to find ways to defend their positions/president etc, the left must now find a way to defend their own now that they have complete control of Washington. There are no excuses. There's nowhere to hide, no diversions to create, no one else to blame, no victim card to be played, there is only one avenue that's acceptable, and that's to find a position of defense for your party and make a stand.

There has been almost nothing like that form anyone I know who is a liberal Democrat.

Blaming Bush, bashing Palin/McCain, talking about what the GOP did 20 years ago...none of it matters now. I want to hear viable defense for the actions of this President as his decisions continually become more and more questionable.
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