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Default Re: WHAT? My taxes are now going to pay for the released terrorists?

Originally Posted by stlrtruck View Post
So Tony, what's your view on this one?
personally, i think if they were worthy of questionning they shoulda been killed in the field. i dont think we shoulda taken any prisoners in the war on terrorism. if they were worthy of intelligence, they shoulda been pumped overseas then dumped in the desert as buzzard food. i do suspect some of this happened over there just as i suspect some innocents were taken in hopes that they would have some usefull information.

you ever adopt an abused dog or puppy from the shelter and they are scared of all men or always pissing themself if you raise your voice or snapping at people and you realize they will NEVER make a good pet? i have a feeling these prisoners are ruined and will never make a good citizen. in the name of safety they should probably be strapped with cement shackles for their boat ride to the states that mysteriously sinks, or loaded on a plane that mysteriously flies into the bermuda triangle.

its not a very Christian like attitude, but that is how i feel.

oh, and it is OUR laws and government that is giving them a foothold. not one man. OUR policy is to choose to abide by the geneva convention, not commit war crimes, treat people fairly, and shit like that. if youre gonna blame obama, blame bush for not putting a slug in their head and opening up guantanamo in the firstplace. this is what happens when you react w/o thinking out the consequences.
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