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Default Re: WHAT? My taxes are now going to pay for the released terrorists?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
oh, and it is OUR laws and government that is giving them a foothold. not one man. OUR policy is to choose to abide by the geneva convention, not commit war crimes, treat people fairly, and shit like that. if youre gonna blame obama, blame bush for not putting a slug in their head and opening up guantanamo in the firstplace. this is what happens when you react w/o thinking out the consequences.
Sorry, Tony, but I disagree here. While the United States abides by the Geneva Convention, it is Obama and his intelligence chief who want to shut down Guantanamo Bay by January of next year, release these suspected terrorists out into OUR streets and expect taxpayers to foot the bill for these SOB's to enjoy life in OUR country. I still maintain my original thought - send them back to where they came from and let those countries deal with them. There's obviously a reason why they were being detained for so long at GB and I'm sure it wasn't for their good looks.

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