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Default Re: WHAT? My taxes are now going to pay for the released terrorists?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
they shoulda never been brought here in the 1st place. dumb idea.
That's neither here nor there at this point. Releasing them into our streets and asking American taxpayers to foot the bill for them is just plain ludicrous (and dangerous). These people hate America and we're supposed to turn a blind eye, smile and hand them a "new life" here in our country, funded by U.S. taxpayer dollars?

EDIT: You edited your post after I started replying to it in its original form - LOL!

but i understand. you guys got alot of bush blame to get even with. carry on.
Why the hell does everything with you Libs have to be BUT, BUT, BUT, BUT Bush? This thread has absolutely NOTHING to do with Bush.

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