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Default Re: WHAT? My taxes are now going to pay for the released terrorists?

Originally Posted by Dino 6 Rings View Post
My solution is to release them in the Ozarks and let the "Kin" take care of them.

Heck yeah...we want them here...please!

I think the reason they are looking at not returning them to China is because, well, China will just kill them as soon as they get off the plane. So, we are against that, I guess. I'm a little confused over why we wouldn't want the Chinese to try these people under their own laws, but whatever.

Next thing you know, they'll be using tax dollars to build anti-suicide fences on bridges In Ohio...

oh wait...
This is literally in my backyard. This is a HUGE controversy around here, believe it or not, and there is a giant public clamoring to get this done, and has been for awhile. While it may appear stupid to outsiders, it's an "attractive nuisance" and it needs fixed.

You can also insert the obvious "Browns fans committing suicide" joke here as well...
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