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Default Re: WHAT? My taxes are now going to pay for the released terrorists?

Which law exactly prevents us from returning them to the country from which they came??? As far as I know we don't have laws against speculative murder.

The Geneva conventions does not apply to enemy combatants because they are UNLAWFUL combatants, the GC only applies to LAWFUL combatants. So, again, what laws prevent us from returning them to their country?

(I accidentally hit submit)

Obama, as part of his move to close Gitmo, has removed the enemy combatant status of these terrorists which, in turn, stripped them of ANY protection under the GC. They now have less protection under any law. Legally, they are now subject to the domestic laws of the nation in which they were arrested/committed offenses. So If you prefer to get LEGAL, we would only be following LAW if we turned them over to the country they were arrested in.
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