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Default Re: WHAT? My taxes are now going to pay for the released terrorists?

Tony, I agree with you on the fact that they should have had a slug in their head in the desert and left there. One problem, do you remember when the Marines went into Fallujah? One of the tactics the insurgents used was to lie in a room act dead, when the Marine squad entered, the insurgent would either throw a grenade at them or blow themselve's and all the Marines up. So, it is filmed by the media of a Marine squad entering a room, apparently dead terrorist moves, Marine pumps two .556's into his chest, and the Marine is brought up on charges. BS, but that is what would happen all over the place if we just dispensed of them, no matter how much I agree with it.

As for the Geneva Conventions, 9/10's of these guys aren't afforded the protection of the Geneva Conventions because they aren't lawful terrorists. They use mosques, civilian clothing, human shields, etc. Now, I agree that as the US we need to hold ourselves to a higher standard, but not to the point were it is dragging out a war and or costing our soldiers their lives. Basically, these terrorists should be sent back to their home countries and be dealt with by their home countries according to whatever law they practice. Heck, send them to Egypt and Syria, let them deal with them. No matter who opened Gitmo or however anyone wants to try to spin this subject, these FS's should not be released on American soil, and sure as hell should not be allowed to roam free, becoming a part of the Welfare Society. As was said before, the terrorists want to take our country down from the inside, this is one hell of a gift for them if this does happen.
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