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Default Re: WHAT? My taxes are now going to pay for the released terrorists?

We should have just killed them all, and been done with it. A heck of a lot cheaper, and saves a lot of headaches. Of course, the minute we did that, we'd have every pacifist asshole in the world giving us shit for doing what should have been done 35 years ago and that none of them have the sack to do. Nevermind that the terrorists don't give a shit about the Geneva Convention and will kill anyone who doesn't agree with them without a moment's hesitation. If the shackles were taken off the U.S. military, the war would have been over in a matter of days, bin Laden's head mounted on a spike in the Afghan mountains, and with nothing but dead Muslim terrorist assbags left in its wake.

The more I think about it, the more it pisses me off. America ALWAYS has to be the one who does the right thing because...well, it's America. Can't have military tribunals, have to grant "rights" to terrorists, can't keep these animals locked up for life, and now all of this handwringing over what to do with GB. We ALWAYS get the short end of the stick, and I'm about sick of it, quite honestly.
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