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Default Re: WTF?? New Amendment proposal

Yep. I think its a good thing too. How do you feel about a one world money with Russia and China. Geithner said he was open to moving the United States OFF of the U.S. dollar.

First he voiced a desire for new, shared powers with the FDIC that would enable him to break up financial companies at will.

Then, he took a walk on the currency wild side today by saying that he would be open to the idea that a different currency could be used to settle worldwide trading accounts. So why the controversy? Simply this: The currency he spoke of would replace the almighty U.S. dollar.

Geithner told the Council on Foreign Relations that he would be “quite open” to abandoning the U.S. dollar as the primary global reserve currency. According to reporting by our colleague Joanna Slater, Geithner said he could evaluate using a melded currency called Special Drawing Rights. Later, Geithner backtracked by saying that the dollar is still the world’s dominant reserve currency and that the U.S. is committed to ensuring it remains so. The White House had to issue a statement agreeing after Geithner’s remarks hurt the trading value of the dollar.

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