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Default Re: Lions no.1 pick Jason Smith

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
If they can find someone to trade with for picks, they should.

AND some teams may believe they are only one player away from the promised land if they really covet that one player...
What they need to do is trade the pick to the dumbass Raiders to keep themselves safe. The Lions always screw up by drafting the biggest primadonna receiver available with the first pick and then releasing him in a year or two. In this case, that's MIchael Crabtree.

If the Lions take him, he'll do OK for a year, get injured the second, and then he's gone. If they trade the pick to the Raiders, that's the only other team stupid enough to trade for the top pick AND loves overrated diva receivers.

So basically, if Detroit trades the pick, the Raiders will save them from themselves this once, and the Lions won't commit overrated-receiver draft day suicide. But because they're the Lions, this will be the one year that taking a receiver with the top pick WON'T be a stupid move. Crabtree will be the next Jerry Rice x10 plus infinity times end of the universe, and he'll score 500 touchdowns just for the irony factor.

Or just as likely, the Lions will draft Crabtree and he'll be the best receiver ever, but they'll still suck. Then they could say they had the best RB and the best WR of all time and still licked a hairy sack all the way through in spite of it.

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