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Here in Australia we have recently suffered both bushfire and flood, in far north Queensland, the floods take sametimes months to dissipate. here is a little poem that sort of tell how the Australian farmer tackles the problem in jocular style.

Raymond J Warren
March 2009

“The tides come in Matilda, from a bloody long way out”
“Bloody water everywhere, I think its crueled *the drought”.
“I can’t even see the shed.. If its gone, I know not where”.
There’s cattle on our bloody roof, now how’d they get up there”?

“Well at least the dust won’t blow about, no more gritty eyes,
No blue tails flying all about, the water drowned the flies.”
“Can’t figure God’s wisdom girl, perhaps coz we complain,
“That when its hot and droughtish, he sends a flood not rain.

“Looks like our big swimming pool is gonna stay awhile”,
“The bloody thing has stretched afar, out past the fifty mile”.
“Think I’ll go out fishing girl, there’s fish knocking on the door”
Look at it this way Matilda, you’ll not have to sweep the floor”.

I’m not complaining Matilda, I know its our God’s way,
But the tides been in for weeks now, instead of just one day
And I'm getting tired of this bed that were a'sitting on,
If I hadn't roped us to the roof, we'd been off and gone..



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