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Default Re: Obama turning the U.S. into a banana republic?

Originally Posted by Big D View Post
I try to stay out of the politics in this board. But I can help but say something on this. You guys are doing non stop bitching about Obama when the guy hasn't even been in office four months. All he's trying to do is clean up the shit storm your partys George W Bush left behind. Give the guy some freaking time, Good grief....

The Dems screamed and bitched about the budget deficits during the Bush administration. The "messiah" is going to make Bush's deficits look like child's play.

$400 billion under Bush
$1.8 trillion in O's first year.

Wrap your mind around that number. An analogy is that he's pulling out the credit cards to the tune of $1.8 TRILLION in his first budget. Congress had better not pass that F***ing budget.

It's financial suicide for our country.

EDIT::: Oh and one other farking thing.... This economic shitstorm was caused by bad policy during the Clinton administration. It was compounded by Alan Greenspan of the Federal Reserve. Lastly don't forget ourselves.... All those dopes who tried buying homes that were beyond their means. STOP PINNING ALL THE NATIONS PROBLEMS ON BUSH.

I am however blaming Obama for HIS budget proposal. It's irresponsible.

EDIT II::: I will blame Bush for the "Patriot Act" which blatantly ignores the Constitution.
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