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Default Re: What is your favorite super hero/heroine?

Originally Posted by kittenfantastico76 View Post
Don't forget Batman - he has no super powers, just lots of money to make his wonderful toys/weapons/gadgets... he's still an everyday man trying to do the right thing and using his money for good not greedy ways. I do love the Punisher though, very good call!
The only reason I put the Punisher over Batman is because Batman does have the money and resources necessary to lead his double life. The Punisher has one life...and it is to kill criminals that our Justice System can't/won't touch. He doesn't get great gadgets that aren't available to many of us (because who has a gas propelled grappling gun?)

His stuff is guns and ammo that can be purchased (or stolen) in nearly every state with relative ease.

But yeah, prior to my getting into the realm of the Punisher, I was (and still am) a HUGE Batman fan. The Christian Bale version on the TV is the best I've seen too!
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