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Default Re: Leaving PCs on Overnight Costs Companies $2.8 Billion a Year

Originally Posted by Hammer Of The GODS View Post
It is an HUGE waste of money, besides PCs can't run continuously and big companies should have computer techs that know that.

Unless you are using a Mac, leaving your computer (PC) on all the time is an invitation to freeze ups and all kinds of other annoying shit like bogged down hard drive and memory.

If you've got a PC, shutting it down allows the bios to reboot and clear any glitches and hiccups that programs often get. If your PC is slow and acting different try a restart. Might solve your problems.

You're right on all points. And I have noticed when I do restart my laptop it runs much more smoothly, as much as I'm on my PC (use it for my job) I should have know that
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