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Default Re: Obama turning the U.S. into a banana republic?

Here's what REALLY worries me.

If you look at the Bush years, his deficit is probably going to be tied 100% to the Wars. Agree with them or not, they were unexpected (and something had to be done after 9/11) expenses. Otherwise, we could very well have a significant surplus, given the fact that the economy was pounded pretty hard post 9/11 as well.

Anyway, so what we have is a President elected on a platform of calling the previous administration fiscally irresponsible, then, after election, he creates an agenda that is 10X MORE irresponsible, AND has no provision for any other emergency. What happens if we get into it with N Korea or Iran? There is no "wiggle room".

9.3 trillion will probably sink our ship, but if something else goes wrong, and it most certainly could, that could end up being 11 trillion, or 12 trillion.

The true bottom line here is that we're being admonsihed because he's only 4 months into office and he "hasn't hada chance" but for those of us who disagree with the direcetion we are heading, we can conversely say "Look, it's only 4 months in...there is still time to turn this around and point ourselves in the right direction before things become exponentially worse".

4 months isn't very long, but it could also be an eternity of those 4 months are spent doing all the wrong things, and making decsions that will negatively impact this country for decades.
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