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Default Re: Leaving PCs on Overnight Costs Companies $2.8 Billion a Year

Originally Posted by steelwall View Post
I think my lap top shuts down automaticly, every morning there's not lighs on, or is the fan running and I have to push the power button and it boots up. On the other hand, if anything was left open from the night before its still there so... I dunno...

Guess I just need to stop being so lazy and shut it down, but it seems I remember some computer guy telling me it wears the life of the computer down when you constantly power on and off, but he might not have known what the hell he was talking about anyway......
PC's and servers are made to be left on. That's why power saving features are built into Operating Systems. I always leave my PC on, yet in sleep mode.

There was a push at my company about 3 months ago to shut off desktops remotely every day after 5:00pm and power them back on at 6:00am. A good policy to save energy. While a single PC isn't really affecting your electric bill, thousands certainly can.

But, for my home PC, I always leave it on. For two reasons, 1) I stream music and pictures to my TV in my living room from it and 2) Powering up and down a PC wears on the fans and hard drives. They are designed with constant running in mind.

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