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Default Re: Leaving PCs on Overnight Costs Companies $2.8 Billion a Year

Originally Posted by Hammer67 View Post
PC's and servers are made to be left on. That's why power saving features are built into Operating Systems. I always leave my PC on, yet in sleep mode.

There was a push at my company about 3 months ago to shut off desktops remotely every day after 5:00pm and power them back on at 6:00am. A good policy to save energy. While a single PC isn't really affecting your electric bill, thousands certainly can.

But, for my home PC, I always leave it on. For two reasons, 1) I stream music and pictures to my TV in my living room from it and 2) Powering up and down a PC wears on the fans and hard drives. They are designed with constant running in mind.
Cool preciate that info, allways good when I can continue to be lazy.
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