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Default Re: Obama turning the U.S. into a banana republic?

Originally Posted by The_WARDen View Post
I must is enjoyable listening to the whining from conservatives about spending.

Just change the word 'economy' into 'Iraq' and it will all make sense.

Again, as I pointed out, the Wars are probably THE one and only difference between Bush running up a deficit, and Bush compiling a pretty nice surplus.

Don't like the War? Fine. But something did have to be done, and there would have been a cost, both monetarily and militarily regardless. 9/11 was not something anyone saw coming.

The financial crunch is different. This really wasn't a TRUE surprise to anyone, and once it happened, there was time to formulate a way to fix it. THIS is where Obama comes up short. He's trying to pay for a complete social makeover for this Country, along with adding a TON of domestic spending on pet liberal programs, at a time when the Country is broke, broke, broke. It's not only untenenable, it's just plain stupid.

I say again, focus on the ONE and ONLY problem that matters right now, which is fixing the economy, spend about 20% time and energy on the wars (the Generals can manage the war efforts), freeze everything domestically and push your social agenda second term. EVERYTHING else must wait! Most of the junk Obama is pushing for will be COMPLETELY scrapped if he torpedoes the economy into oblivion anyway, so something is better than nothing...
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