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Default Re: Obama turning the U.S. into a banana republic?

Originally Posted by The_WARDen View Post
I must is enjoyable listening to the whining from conservatives about spending.

Just change the word 'economy' into 'Iraq' and it will all make sense.

Originally Posted by SCSTILLER View Post
I don't! I just got done watching Obama speak about GM and Chrysler while I was eating lunch (big mistake, almost threw up my sandwich a couple of time). He stated that he did not want the American Government to run GM or Chrysler (meaning take over), but in the same regard he is telling them HOW to run their company. Does something seem wrong here to anyone else?

Also, I love how everytime he goes on TV to speak, the DOW meter in the corner of the screen always seems to have a red arrow pointing down. Now, I's not a smaht man, but dis caint bee goodz.
The CEO of GM stepped down from the "request" of the Obama administration.

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