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Default Re: 2009 Pittsburgh Pirates Season Thread

Originally Posted by pittsburghp8baller View Post
i figured if the Indians have one, the Pirates should get one too.

They sent McCutchen to AAA today, not surprising despite his real good spring. According to management he hasnt quite mastered the final things they want him to before he gets the call up. One was being able to use the bunt as offensive weapon and to drive the gap a little more.

The biggest reason they sent him down i think though is jus to delay arbitration for another year

Team has looked good, i have been able to see a couple of there games on TV. strong pitching and a good middle of the lineup.

might not be this year, but i can feel we are REAL close to turning this around.
Of course they sent McCutchen down for financial reasons, because God forbid the Pirates' owners end up having shell out more than a couple of bucks to keep some talent around. Really, there is absolutely NO reason why he should be starting at AAA, especially not behind Nyjer friggin Morgan. Maybe he'll be back when they finally realize that Morgan is nothing more than a bench player and occasional starter at best, and a career minor leaguer at worst.

Having said that, even I would be stupid to not acknowledge that the Bucs have some talent waiting in the wings. Lots of it. And most of them are either major-league ready now (A. McCutchen, Bixler) or are close (Walker, Pearce, Jones, Ford, Tabata, Alvarez, Daniel McCutchen, Lincoln). They drafted the top SS prospect last year along with Alvarez, and with another top 5 draft pick this year, they'll add even more talent. Even with the improved starting pitching, they won't win this season, but next season...look out. They are on the verge of finally turning things around.
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