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Default Re: 2009 Pittsburgh Pirates Season Thread

Originally Posted by pittsburghp8baller View Post
im hoping Lincoln will be, i remember seeing some of his games when he played for Houston he had some nasty stuff! His fastball has good movement on it and a good breaking pitch. He was also the team cleanup hitter for the games he didnt pitch. i wouldnt be mad if we moved Alvarez to third, it kind of makes sense since we still have Neil Walker in the system. i dont see how we keep both at third and find a way to get them both at-bats.

im pretty sure Lincoln and Alvarez (alvarez for sure) are both starting at high A Lynchburg so when they potomac im gonna try and time it so i can go see Lincoln pitch and Alvarez bat
Lincoln is moving up to AA Altoona, so you won't be able to see him. He's also developed a changeup, which should make him even more effective.

As for Alvarez, I was thinking when he was drafted that there's no way he was going to stay at 3rd, that he'd have to move across the diamond with Walker already in the system and having acquired Andy LaRoche. So I wouldn't be against it either.

EDIT: A separate thread for the farm system I think is a good idea to save clutter.
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