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Default 2009 Wonderlic scores

I am one of those people who thinks that the wonderlic is a good measuring tool for certain skills at certain positions.... While it is not the only ruler for measuring football is certainly a good gauge in factoring how well a player can learn a playbook...or tie their shoes.

This year had some standouts and some...well..."challenged" individuals.

Matt Stafford scored a 38 which obviously boosts his stock.
USC's Mark Sanchez scored a 28
Kansas State's Josh Freeman a 27
(A 28 is about average for QBs)

Jeremy Maclin of Missouri scored a 25
Michael Crabtree of Texas Tech scored a 15
Darrius Heyward-Bey of Maryland scored a 14
Percy Harvin of Florida scored a 12
Hakeem Nicks of UNC scored an 11
(A score of 10 suggests a person is literate)

Arizona's Eben Britton scored a 31
Virginia's Eugene Monroe scored a 24
Baylor's Jason Smith scored a 23
Andre Smith continued his epic draft stock slide by posting a 17.

Rey Maualuga scored a 15 (so much for being a defensive captain)
USC's Clay Matthews - 27
USC's Brian Cushing - 23

Highest score this year was defensive back Kevin Barnes, who scored a 41.

By the way, Pat McInally, a graduate of Harvard University is the only football player to record a confirmed perfect score of 50....the lowest score ever on the Wonderlic came courtesy of Darren Davis, a running back from Iowa State who scored a 4.

By the way, here are some other interesting QB scores from over the years.

Michael Vick - 20
Marcus Vick - 11
Steve Young - 33
Drew Brees - 28
Tom Brady - 33
Chad Pennington - 25
Drew Bledsoe - 37
Donovan McNabb - 14
David Garrard - 14
Dan Marino - 16
Eli Manning - 39
Jeff George - 10
Vince Young - allegedly got a 6, then retested and got a 15
Chris Leak - 8
John Elway - 30
Brett Favre - 22
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