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Default Re: Antarctica to Pyramids lights dim for Earth Hour

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
oh... of course not. i also dont buy into the elementary biological principal that the rain forests provide the planet with oxygen and we cant drink nothing but seawater.

im beginning to buy into the principal that there is plenty of oxygen if you bury your head in sand.

climate change or not... its all about preventing waste as a first step. i love how republicans are so focused about govt waste, but dont give a shit about personal or individual waste. (kinda makes it hard to take them seriously.)

in the meantime i will continue to turn down the water as i brush my teeth, simply because it it a good habit. and may save me 10 bucks over the course of a year. i have taught my offspring to do the same.

you continue turning it up full blast if it makes you feel better.
Thank you. I couldn't have said it better.
"We have the power, We have the resources, We have the energy! Let's get together and wreck shit!" Evil Nine
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